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Support a SMALL BUSINESS and pay no upfront taxes. (Excludes shipping within Pennsylvania)

z_Sell With Us

Click HERE to open and print the consignment form

Do you want to sell some of your cards, but don't really have the time to do it?  Or maybe you are a little indecisive about it. Well, we think that we just may have the solution for you!

Auctioning off your cards can be fun, but it can be stressful too.  There's a good bit of work doing it yourself, and auctioneers seem to take a large chunk of the sale.  On top of that, there is always risk of not getting your desired value.  Lastly, when consigning to an auctioneer, you'll have to wait 6-10 weeks for a payout.

eBay can be a great place, for auctions or Buy It Now, but nowadays it can be difficult to gain trust from potential buyers.  Buyers like buying from a trustworthy seller, and they like getting their new card as soon as possible.  We make that all happen!

There's a lot that goes into selling your cards and some risk as well, so let us do it all for you!  Our buyer's enjoy our selection, prices, and our quick and secure shipping.  It's why we see such great customer retention.


We will do the market research to assist you in getting the quickest and fullest value on your cards and post them on multiple sales outlets.  On top of that, we will field any questions and communicate with any potential and interested buyers.  You sit back and let us do the work. 

How this all benefits you:

  • Multiple Sales Outlets!!!  Your cards will be cross listed on DiamondCardboard.com, our eBay store front, and our Facebook store front. (And we are always looking for more!)
  • Get the price you want.  No more seller's remorse when your item sells for less than its worth at auction.  Together we set an appropriate sale price and all three sides (you, us, and the buyer) of the transaction are satisfied and happy.
  • The ability to remove your items for sale at any time, for any reason.
  • Get more for your collection.  Our low rates mean that you take more of the profits.  I mean... they are your cards after all!



Simply follow our consignment form, we will then work out the details of how to maximize your collection's value.  Then just mail us your cards and we do everything else.
We have one simple fee structure.

Final Value Fee:

Selling Price Final Value Fee Fee Range
up to $50 20% ($5 min, $9 max) 
$50-$250 18% ($9 min, $40 max)
$250-$1000 16% ($40 min, $140 max)
$1000+ 14% ($140 min)

 *** We reduce our prices on our website roughly 5% due to the decreased fees we have to pay, but we pay you from the larger eBay value, regardless of where it sells.
How this works:
Your card is listed on eBay for $100.  On Diamond Cardboard, we list at $95 as an incentive for the buyer to visit our store.
Wherever it sells, you will net $82 from the full $100 sale price ($100 minus our 18% fees)

Another added benefit:
  The ability to remove your items for sale at any time, for any reason.

  If for any reason you want your cards back in your possession, we will gladly have them shipped back to you.  All that we ask is that you pay for the return shipping and a small nominal fee for our time and effort (based on your highest asking price for the item).

Highest Asking Price Return Fees Fee Range
up to $1000 4% (**$4 min, $40 max)
$1000+ $40 $40 max Flat Rate



Click HERE to open and print the consignment form.

On your consignment form, you will be asked to submit a price that you want to post on eBay for each card (before fees).  We will try our best to get you the most possible for each card.  We will list your card at your asking price.  

If your card does not sell in the first 60 days, we will contact you and initiate a negotiation on a new price based on our estimated market value (based on eye appeal and current trends).  

If a card is in our possession for more 120 days, there probably is a pricing issue and we, as a team, need to consider strongly reducing the price.  

Since your consigned items are not selling in an auction, cards may sit for an extended period of time if they are not priced correctly.  We like to encourage a free market, but also understand the need for items to be sold and new items to be available.

If you choose to price your consigned items for well above its estimated market value*, we will charge an extra 1% fee (final value and return fee) for every 60 days that the card remains unsold and in our possession.  This discourages exuberant prices and continuous new products for our customers.  This only applies when your needed price is higher than our recommended price.  All of this helps ensure that prices are posted fairly and reasonably.  New inventory brings back customers and brings new ones in. 



Payments can be requested on your consignment once every 7 days, for any amount up to the full amount owed.  This is only based off of the cards that have been sold. Payments can be made by check or PayPal.